McDonald’s – Still Lovin’ It

mcd's sign
According to the New York Times, McDonald’s is struggling with how to turn around an ongoing slump. Apparently they’ve tried everything: getting healthier, more exotic, cheaper, more expensive, more customized, and nothing is working. I just want to say I still love McDonald’s. As a lifelong customer, here’s what I recommend.

Get back to what you’re good at. You don’t have to compete with more “upscale” fast food chains like those you mention, most of which are not in my area anyway. McDonald’s is a treat, not a way of life. When I was a kid, my mom took us to McDonald’s on nights my father wouldn’t be home for dinner. Whoo hoo, Big Mac here we come! Onions and pickles were my first introduction to vegetables. Who needs it your way?

big mac

What’s better than a hamburger, fries and vanilla shake? I don’t care if it’s not a real milkshake, it’s delicious especially when swirled around in my mouth with a bite of burger. And no one beats McD’s fries, the original guilty pleasure. I get anxious anytime I hear you are changing them. Use whatever fat you like and keep pouring on the salt, your fries rule! I especially enjoy digging into the bag after the fries are gone for the treasured few that fell out of the container.

super size fries

When I had my own kids, I couldn’t wait ‘til they were old enough for Happy Meals. I got as excited about the toys as they did and would drive happily around to other locations to make sure we got the ones they wanted. There’s nothing wrong with feeding your kids chicken McNuggets once in a while, give yourself a break. And an apple is not a treat! Let’s learn the difference between a healthy eating lifestyle and having treats once in a while.

Now that my kids are grown, I vicariously enjoy that intoxicating McDonald’s smell the young people at work constantly bring into the break room. Even though my nearly senior stomach knows the connection between that temptation and indigestion, I still look forward to the occasional Mickey D treat. Adding a McD’s stop makes errands more tolerable, like visiting people in the hospital, returning things to the mall or my favorite time to go, right after having my cholesterol checked.

regular hamburger
When I’m traveling by car, I choose highway rest stops according to whether McDonald’s is on the sign. If I’m trying to be healthy, I may substitute the Classic grilled chicken sandwich for a burger or a soda for the shake. I may order a regular size hamburger and skip the fries if I’m really being good. I’ve had the salads which are surprisingly fresh and tasty, but don’t consider that offering a requirement. I love the coffee and get an occasional uncontrollable craving for those amazing breakfast biscuits which I order with just an egg, no cheese, or sometimes just the biscuit, make that two.

egg biscuitbiscuits
My only complaint is when those to-die-for biscuits are not available after 11:00 am. I want them when I want them, all day or night. Do that and you can be sure I’ll be lovin’ it all my days. I deserve that treat today!