Christmas Basket

Christmas basket
Every year after I think Christmas is all put away, I find overlooked items scattered around the house. This year I decided to plan for that reality and the Christmas Basket was born.

The basket itself came as a gift to my husband’s office containing a “tower of treats” which slowly disappeared over the holiday season (I immediately ate the caramel corn and left the rest to everyone else). The empty basket is nicely lined in festive red plaid, too nice to discard, yet too big to pack away with the other kitchen Christmas decorations. After clearing the rest of Christmas, I placed the basket on the front hall dresser, a central location. Immediately it began to fill.

paper towels

First in: an unopened package of holiday paper hand towels found in the powder room cabinet while reaching for a roll of toilet paper. I bought the pack in the fall and then forgot about it, or more accurately, where I had put it, which proves you can start preparing for the holidays too early. Next, one shiny green glass ornament that apparently fell off the tree, rolled under a chair amazingly unbroken, although it lost its hanging cap. (I spent an inordinate amount of time this season squeezing together little wires to replace those caps; someone should do something about how easily they pull out.)

The laundry revealed a tree-embroidered kitchen towel, one I like that actually works (I must get rid of the too many I have that neither dry dishes nor match my current kitchen). That reminded me to search for holiday guest towels I know I have but never put out because they are buried in closets rather than kept with the official holiday linens box I’ve been organizing over the last couple of years. I was thrilled especially to find Dancer and Rudolph who had been missing from the reindeer lineup.

dancer towel
Surprisingly lovely dollar store door knob jingle bells were the first decorations I put out the morning after Thanksgiving, but to which I apparently became oblivious; four of five were still on display. That reminded me of a non-jingling door knob decoration that had been hanging since last Christmas (or the one before?) on the front hall closet door. I felt guilty every time I noticed it but not enough to make a special trip down to the basement holiday corner on the off season.

door hanger

A golden angel candle in a mini-basket was on display for so long her nose and elbows are losing their finish. She was left out last year and I decided she’d look nice in the guest bath since angels are welcome anywhere, anytime, but enough for now. Leaving the bathroom, I noticed the Christmas tree/bubble nightlight still plugged in after spending all last year in the medicine cabinet. The “Christmas Joys” book was sitting on the coffee table and four cookie cutters I bought this year because I wasn’t sure I could find the dozens from coffee shop days (I never got to making cutouts anyway) sat on a kitchen shelf.


While dragging out the tree, my husband spotted one of our boys’ first Christmas ornaments falling onto the driveway. Now there’s something I’d hate to lose. Am I done yet?  Looking up I see a glass wax Santa on the window.  Probably not.